Invisible braces

Nature has endowed every one of us with unique teeth alignment. If you want a perfect smile, like the one you see in commercials, we have some good news for you – from now on, you need no metal braces to straighten your teeth. A product of a Silicon Valley company, Invisalign is designed to straighten your teeth in a (virtually) invisible way.

Would you like to know more about the treatment process?

Step 1 – mapping out the treatment plan: Precise diagnostics, images and dental impressions are used to create a computer simulation of tooth realignment, which also determines the precise amount of time required for each movement and the exact movements of each tooth.

Step 2 – creating the aligners: When both you and your dentist are satisfied with the plan, a series of clear aligners are fabricated by means of computer technology.

Step 3 – wearing invisible braces: You must wear each invisible aligner for 14 days, and each shifts the teeth a fraction of a millimetre into the desired direction. People won’t notice These new invisible aligners are revolutionary in that they are invisible to most people, so no one will notice that you are actually wearing braces. Furthermore, the aligners do not affect your speech and, contrary to conventional braces, allow for near-perfect dental hygiene.

Who is it for? Invisalign is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and other medical conditions. Still, there are some limitations – the aligners cannot fix severe orthodontic problems that require a different approach or surgical treatment.  But believe us, such cases are few, and you are definitely not one of them.

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