Laser in dentistry

Remember the sound of dental drills and the pressure of the bur on your teeth that made your visits at the dentist so uneasy? All these annoyances are now history, as dental experts have perfected a laser that adds new dimensions to dental treatment for both the dentist and the patient.

In our office, we use the world-leading dental laser, which opens up new horizons for our patients, providing them with pain-free and comfortable dental treatment. At the moment, lasers are mainly used to treat the most common mouth problems such as caries and consequent dental pulp infection and periodontal disease.  The dentist uses it most frequently in root canal treatment, periodontal surgery, mouth ulcer treatment, oral varix treatment, tooth whitening and surgical procedures. Increasingly, the laser is also used in various implant procedures.

The greatest advantage of laser therapy is a patient-friendly and virtually painless procedure. Thus, the patient’s experience is much more comfortable and relaxed, while the dentist can treat the teeth and gums with more precision. The result is better-quality and more efficient therapy with less bleeding and swelling, which means a faster healing process and no need for either pain management or absence from work. And above all, the laser allows us to give pain-free dental treatment to the youngest, most sensitive and frightened members of our society.

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