Dental procedures under general anaesthesia

Company Medical Fabjan d.o.o. wishes to meet the needs of all patients, including those with severe dental fear. Therefore, dental treatment under general anaesthesia has been added to our services. The procedures are supervised by an anaesthesiologist, who decides on the type of anaesthesia in accordance with your wishes, while Tina Fabjan, DMD, performs the procedure as required. The advantage of this type of anaesthesia is that the patient can leave our clinic in a matter of hours and thus return home the same day, with no unnecessary hospital stay. These procedures are performed at two locations in Slovenia, namely in Celje and at the cosmetic clinic in Kolomban above Ankaran, where Dr. Fabjan works alongside her husband Matic, a cosmetic surgeon, and the rest of the Estetika Fabjan cosmetic surgery team to provide her patients with a gleaming white smile that boosts their confidence and restores their self-satisfaction.

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